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What is your favorite meal from your culture?




I am from Mexico, so my favorite meal  are tacos and burritos, those are very delicious. you have to taste them. :)  

  • Oh, I have tried them many times.  I love them!!!  There's a taquería near my house that's my favorite restaurant!

Ohh really!! yeah I love them too!!! lol

My favorite Colombian dishes are: - pork ribs - chicken stew - ftuit salad. are delicious

  • Those sound delicious!

Hello everybody, i am from Perú, and my favorite meal is ceviche - same to fish salad with limon or with seafood too - is delicious!! 

I have never had ceviche Adela, but I have heard of it.  It sounds delicious!

hello I am living in Peru , my city is arequipa and  my favorite meal is "rocoto relleno"  "stuffed hot pepper "

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