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How do I create a message that shows in the green bubble when others see me while browsing users?




We had for a while this green bubble on our site, there you could send messages to everyone, I liked it so much, but when Italki did updates, the bubble disappeared from our site, some people have keept i on our page language partners.


But, it's impossible to create message to show it there

  • Oh, ok.  Thank you Sonia!!

James, it IS possible to do the green bubble still and it is very easy.

1.) Go to the HOME page

2.) Next to Recent Updates there are 4 options. Interesting, Following, Me and Blackboard.

3.) Click on Blackboard

4.) Click on "Write something on my Blackboard

5.) Write something and click the box on the bottom "Also post as my status" Once you click this whatever you write is what shows up in the green bubble by your name.



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