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Do you want to learn Polish?

I'm not a teacher, but if you find something difficult or want to learn Polish, I will do my best to help you :)



good. i wanna. and i wanna work there

That's cool. So how and where can i help you? (I cant send a private message to you)

Hi, Finn!


I want to learn Polish too. How do you think? Am I able to do it?

No, Wred. You're a russian german spy and you probably don't need it to be the most dangerous spy after Stirlitz!

id like to learn polish.

Ok. to be honest i dont know where to start. or rather its more like i have problems starting to learn. its just that i find polish language to be difficult, its more like memorizing, which i am really bad with it. How can I make it interesting and easy to learn?


I want to learn Polish too. How do you think?

I want to learn Polish. I know some words.. But don't know how to write them. And I want to learn more. I am working with polish people, and they often talk to me in their language... I sometimes understand them, but can't respont. Hepl plz?

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