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Fun and creative ways to learn Swedish

Hallå där :) How many of you tried to learn Swedish on their own but couldn't find any  proper materials to learn with.. I know it myself, I've been through a lot of boring books and audios, struggling to comprehend what foreign people are talking about, and eventually found myself stagnating with the language I was eager to learn. but I found this guy on youtube -  he is so hilarious and effective at the same time. he developed his own program for people eager to learn Swedsih. I'm trying it now nad so far I really like it a lot! He keeps the inspiration and turn the whole process into a game with yourself.. you can check him out on his site  and download a free ebook "Learn 1000s of Swedish Words Overnight" 

Have fun and be inspired on your way to learn Swedish :D

Hej då! 



There's no free ebook on that site. you have to pay upfront for everything! If you found something for free let  me know what.

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