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between who was your best battle in Naruto

for me Naruto VS Pain cause naruto was so serusly within the Battle also no one can stop Pain exept him

Naruto VS Niji it was cool battle which gave Niji good lesson about oppment .also it was the 1st time for Nruto to fight with strong and smart ninja like niji



Well... Personally, my favorite battle was between Kiba and Ukon/Sakon. I also liked the battle between Asuma&Shikamaru versus Hidan&Kakuzu.

Naruto vs. Pain was an incredible fight, and is my favorite, but the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the waterfall was also incredible!


Other than that I would say when Pain fought Jiraiya that was an amazing fight, too.

Yeah now we have seen the fight between naruto and Kubi was so awsome 

Definitely, it is battle Naruto vs Pain! It was longest and greatest fight in Naruto.

haha i am sorry again. many people are crazy about this one but i am not. if there is more spare time then i would like to watch it.then we can share ideas together.

do you knwo this one?  いぬやしゃ 

inuyasha yes i know it i watch its episodes on TV so i did not complete it all

Anything with Rock Lee in it. ahahha


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