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Your best day...

What was the best day of your life?  Explain why.



the best day in my life ,
when I bought a classical guitar and when I hear the sound  ohhhh god
in that moment I wish in my heart ,  to be a best  guitar player..

I never forget the day my first communion, this day was for me, like a fairy tale, I was very happy in this day. I'm Catholic,

I think it is quite relative or it mat vary according our lives. I've got too many best days haha. When I knew I had been selected to study at college. Every time I have bought a car has been algo my best day haha.

Best day.. Mmmm i guess there are many best days for me but one that i wont forget ever is a day in Kusadasi, turkey with a person special person, that day was magical, everything was beautiful and meaningful- Many of best days were in Turkey Aaaaaaaahh In capadoccia, 

Yeah that was one of best too

When i found out the person i had loved for almost a year loved me too.

When my daughter borned was the best day of my life. It was the most tired too. My wife, of course, did the most important part.

When she say "I love you" I always remember her first day in the world.



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