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Who would like me to be his or her chinese teacher for free?

I am a college student majoring international trade in china hoping to practice my spoken eglish much.   It is my wish to meet bosom friends !

I am able to teach you normative chinese language for free  ,because I will regard it as my happiness! 

Also,I can take you to visit our familiar beautiful sceneries if you are in China or you have the chance to visit here in future !

We will be happy if we can share our hapiness or sadness.    Distance is not a matter,It is HEART that matters.  

Please don't hesitate to connect me if you want to get acquaint with me,with chinese longest history,colourful culture,delicious food etc.    It is best if we can try our best to communicate via Skype or Messenger . 

I will try my best to seek the happiness in your heart !

I will waiting for you,my bosom friend !



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