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for those who havn't figure out how to say R in sweidsh!

It took me ages to find out something that could really work! and EVENTUALLY!!

found this video and after maybe 1 hours trying and practice, now i can say Roll my tongue! almost exactly like how swede pronouce it!

but i have to lie down to do it coz the gravity will make the tongue hang down. and can't combine it with other letters yet, but i got this in one hour! should definitly try this


very welcome to share your expeirence of learning how to roll your Rs! ^^



Just don't over roll it. In the northern region of Sweden the Rs are more trilled than in the other dialects. In fluent standard swedish speech (svealand dialect) many Rs aren't even rolled but sounds more like american/english Rs (though we don't tense our tounges as much and the tip of the tounge is still pretty near our front teeth). Often, though far from a rule, in standard swedish it's only the very first R in a word that is rolled, often not even that.  This is also true for some of the Götalands dialects.

Things get more complicated since there are two more ways of pronouncing R. Skåne R and Småland R. Skåne R sounds similar to French R and Småland R sounds.. Ehm.. Like nothing you've heard before. Kind of like a french R mixed with a swedish J.


Good luck with your R's :)

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