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Ask questions for Christchurch here....

Write any questions you may have for Christchurch here and I will reply as soon as  can :)



So far there's been 5 views to this forum, but unless someone asks me a question, it won't be much fun. Remember.

Christchurch The Garden City located on the east coast of the South Island, isn'i it? I watched pictures. It's amazing! Wish I was there. But this beautiful city is soooooooooooo far from Moscow.  

Yes that's corrct Michael, yes it is :) if you want to see some personal photos from Christchurch visit www.bebo/com/JenM40 and search down and look for "photos".

people you can add me in if you would like, I'm uploading some pictures there, name is Jenna Milesi  , search for that!

I have started a group on called "fans of Novoi Zelandii" it has many photos from NZ about culture and such things , feel free to have a look or join :)


Jenna are there still lots of bicycles in Christchurch.   Peter.

Yes absolutely. Many people in Christchurch like to bike and own their own bicycles :)

Hi Jenna, could you tell me about jobs in your city? What professions are more demanded?

At the moment there are a lot of jobs in construction, building and IT.

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