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please teach me English on skype! I'm japanese.

I wanna speak English fluently I need to practice with someone who is a native... I can teach japanese if you want. my skype id is nakamurakun3 .  I'm 23 years old, I live in sapporo.  I'll waiting for someone who can speak english or want to learn japanese.よろしくおねがいします!



If it’s alright I’ll add you. I want to learn to speak Japanese fluently and live in Canada.:) どうぞよろしくー!(skype = cassiet118)


I will add you're name to my skype as well. I'm from New York and would love to learn Japanese! (skype = j0nnha)


talk to you later!

living in osaka japan and im a foreigner,, i can help you with your english, please help me with my japanese.. karen.hinon is my address.. add me up.. thanks=)

I'll add you too, I live in Connecticut and I really want to learn to speak Japanese! Skype= nekahatake

ohh u can  yes u can i can help u with that its just soo easy on my part of teaching u english u want it il teach u 


I am looking for a Japanese tandum.

In exchange i will help you to speak English.

I will add you also.

Take care









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