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Sign language

Sign language is simply natural language of deaf people. Some forms of sign language in English try to represent English precisely. They use English word order and sign every word in the sentence. How about other language situation of sign language, such as Russian, Spain, French, German and so on so forth? Do they have fingerspelling, like that every letter in English has its own unique sign. photo:




The sign language is the same all over the world

In russian sign language theare is "alphabet"too. It called daktil It use for the specific words (names, terms etc) But also they have signs on each word. It's not right to translate every word in order like it in Russian language. Because it's another language. And it different from Russian.

Aziza, that's not true at all. Many countries have their own sign language, and some countries like Australia have more than one sign language.


Japanese has fingerspelling too. It's called yubimoji. The signs for "a, i, u, e, o, ka, sa, na, ha, ma, ya, ra" and "wa" are borrowed from ASL, while all the other signs for letters in the Japanese language are different. You can search on google images "yubimoji" to find charts of the fingerspelling in JSL.

Sign language is not the same all over the world. In fact, British and American Sign Language are very different.

American Sign Language and British Sign Language also use different fingerspelling alphabets. Here's the BSL alphabet:

And ASL:

The French sign language alphabet is similar to the ASL alphabet:

Polish :

Japanese has its own fingerspelling as well:




Yes in Honduras sign language is SIMILAR to American Sign Language but not the same.  Probably because there have been people from America who have come and taught the deaf people here American Sign Language.  The original way the Deaf people signed in this country has changed over the years because of that.  They also used to have thier own alphabet and now they use the same fingerspelled alphabet as American Sign Language.


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