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Language Learning Basics and Methods

I have been trying to find information on the common methods of learning new languages. There has to be some common minimum basics for languages with the same roots. Say for example Spanish, English and French. They all seem to have very close relationship and the vocabulary is also common in some ways. I am simply trying to understand this aspect from a beginner's perspective. 

Meanwhile I found an interesting article from a blog [ The Blog of Tim Ferris - ]. It talks about language learning based on three elements: (1) Effectiveness (priority, 'what') - first decide what to learn based on usage frequency. (2) Adherence (interest or 'why') - filter material based on your likelihood of continued study and review. (3) Efficiency (process or  'how') - determine how to learn the material most efficiently. 



I'm really interested in it, but I don't think your English  as well as your french are beginner's level. haha, Mohammad. You do find something special in learning the languages, I want to have oral chatting with all of you here, there's something wrong with my computer, and I cannot see the chatting messages.

ca fait longtemps que nous ne discutons pas ensemble, pourtant echanger quelque mots et phrases sont bien pour les amis.

Ca va?

Je vais bien. Merci Angie. Grace a un gentil commentaire et de rejoindre Le SPENCH. Abientot.

My English is quite good but my French and Spanish are pretty much beginner's level. Regards.  

One way I like to learn is using children's books. The process of promoting and selling children's books ensures that each level is appropriate to what a child of a certain age would be able to understand. To me that means that usage frequency, interesting content and efficient presentation are being filtered and sorted into experience levels by the market itself.

In other words, successful children's books are automatically sorted into difficulty levels and myriad topics. Adult learners can choose the levels and topics that suit them best with just a little browsing.


Found another interesting and detailed information about "Why and When do people learn languages" - 

It provides information about motivations to learn a different language. It also tells about some of the misconceptions for learning a language and some of the myths associated with it. It advices the language learners on various issues. 

It explains "Languages take immense effort to learn and people will only learn them if it is socially or economically inescapable."


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