Are people becoming too dependent on computers?

i think most of the people depend on computers in many different ways

some of them use computers for doing their job

others spend their leisure time infront of the computers

i wish people could live atleast for a day without computers

so they can spend their time with their families and their friends

they also can be happier

because i firmly believe that when people use computer for along time they would get nervous and angry so they would get speechless and they wouldn't have enough energy to communicate with otherv people




Yes :-)

Also dependent on celphones, I honestly hate when I go to some meeting or social gathering of any kind, and EVERYONE is looking at their celphones or texting or whatever every 5 minutes, they talk to the people around them from time to time and then get back to the celphone screen, it's unbelieavable, I have to use computer for my career, and also for other things I do, but it's important to get distracted from that, and actually be with the people you care about, it's necessary, it's something similar with most people I guess, that's why I don't understand why people want to be "connected" all the time, it's just sick, what matters the most is real life and real experiences.

Yeah, unfortunately, our generation is computer-addicted, and it's very sad.... Sure it's very difficult to imagine our life without pc, 'cause sometimes it's the only way to be connected with those who are far away, and also to get necessary information. However we should never forget that there's real LIFE around us and we should be able to enjoy it. I'm sorry for the victims of computer disease, who like zombies stare at the monitor 24 hours a day while the life, so beautiful and unpredictable, is passing by..

I definitely think that it is easy to become too dependent on computers when they are not used with moderation.

i agree with you

but i like to know your idea about it

how computers can affect our life?

can computer have a bad effect on our life?

just think about consequences and disadvantages of using computer in our life?

is it necessary to spend most of the time infront of the computer?


Imagine a day without computers....  Where would you get your money in an advance society in the US?  Where can you fly to another place?  All conveniences of the modern world will come to a grinding halt.

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