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in italki there is so many turkish people and there is so many people who wants to learn turkish so we need a group in italki main page like chinese-english ,  cant we arrange it??



yes plz.. that would be great actually .. i've been looking for a turkish partner, but it's kinda hard ,so can some one help plz??!!

u r right



'In italki, there's (there are) many Turkish people (individuals) and many people who want to learn Turkish. So then we need a group on the italki main page for a Turkish-English group, similar to italki's Chinese--English group. '


Merhaba demur. Well, there is an English-Turkish group started:

And many others to browse, join and contribute to. Take Care.



I agree , and my friend Amber had started page as she mentioned above , you can check it out .

yes i saw the page and i hope it will be good for who is learning tukish :)

Yes! That's cool

hi demur


I am learning Turkish. I hope you can help me.

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