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i love jazz

dose anyone here love jazz?my friends have ever said to me that it is strange for a 18-year-old girl (me) to love jazz.but i really love music,especially jazz.



it is not strange to know that a gilr in your age could be crazy about Jazz, it is strange to know people to judge your passion for Jazz by your age.

There's lots of quite popular jazz music going on now days. It's a good thing younger people are starting to notice the ever so neglected music genre, jazz...

I like jazz. Especially, classical jazz like "Rhapsody in blue" by George Gershwin or songs of Louis Armstrong.

I think it's not strange to like jazz when you are 18. It is your understanding of music, really good music. This genre requires a performer to be well-prepared technically and emotionally and a listener to be a fine connoisseur to appreciate it. So, you did an excellent choice.

Don't you think that your friends find it strange because it is not common for your country's musical mentality?


That means you are grown-up.

Jazz is the thing you can't be affected if you are not mature enough.

Most people notice things on the beat, we seek and enjoy the things off the beat.

Most people were impressed by the first taste of wine, they needed to change the way of tasting intentionally in order to feel the after taste(finish).

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