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Ulster Irish?

When I started learning irish gaelic, I decided I wanted to learn Ulster Irish because that is the area that my family originated from. However, I have found that there are very few resources to learn the ulster dialect. Does anyone know of some good websites to check out beside the BBC Northern Ireland?



Hello, mystimoon, agus fáilte! Laughing

First off, I think it would be a better idea to learn the Standard irish, learn the basic understanding of the language, etc. Once you have that down, you can focus on a particular dialect like Ulster.

That being said, there are Ulster-based materials out there, as with all the dialects. Try "Learning Irish", because it features interviews by native speakers from all the Gaeltachtaí.

I also found the following link on a Google search:

Hope this helps!

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You can find some good resources on Ulster Irish here:

Hi Guys


I live in the north and did Irish at primary school in East Belfast but never took it any further.  Its really only very recently i took a real notion to learn it and Ulster is the dialect here.  I attended a night class which has now stopped and I am trying to learn a bit more before I go the local gaeltacht!  


So you have discovered the bbc irish which is really good!  Another site I use is which is very good and has a free trial to begin.  I dont worry too much at the minute about dialects as listening to any irish really helps.  I find TG4player very good but I guess you cant access that?  If I can help in anyway let me know.


Adh mór ort





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