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blondes or brunettes??????

hey guys write your preferences :D:D:D



no disrespect to blondes but definetely and absolutly brunettes 

I don't care her hair's colour if she has a pretty face and a nice body.

F.E: my girlfriend is brunette, white skin very beauty but I like blondes too...they are more horny ( my opinion) .

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hello dear in my  opinion as blond as brunuttes are all beautiful girls i prefer all.


hey lisa you know that i love blondes like you :D but brunettes are gorgeous too

Brunette's...Never really experienced  a blond so I'm a little biased on my opinions for now. I would love to meet a blonde that I can hang out with but they seem a little distant?

hahaha i mean hair)))))))))

hahaha i mean hair)))))))))it was for you

brunettes !!!

blondes as girlfriend .....   brunettes as wife !

aah aahahhahahahaah so ok i love blondes with black hair, :D  but brunettes with blonde hair are gorgeous too haha :)

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