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Is woman ...?

Is woman the strength or weakness of a man, or both?



I think it is stronger than men ...
Do not mean here the force
of the body and muscles.
But we mean the strength of feeling and emotion...

The only woman that is the strength and weakness of a man is his mother.

What about his wife? What is she in ur opinion.


I feel it all depends upon How a man takes it.

If He let’s a woman manipulate him and use him then she is his weakness but if a man let’s a woman to act as a source of inspiration and she actually motivates him to be a better person and makes him realize his potential then she is his strength.

I feel that a woman who ‘Really’ loves a man never let’s herself become his weakness always wishes to make him stronger.

I think both :D


I think womanis both  the strength and the  weakness of a man.It depends.

man is more strong of woman , in the nature woman is created by god from man , eve is created from adam , praticly eve is less strong than adam 

it depends .... 

It depends on a woman... and man. I gather "strength" means beneficial relationships

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