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language exchange wanted
This is Hazem gamal from Egypt and live in Hurghada im.
looking for a language exchange with you if you speak German . my English is already pretty good, but I would like to improve it to a super fluent level and my German is beginner level A1 and im working with it and I wish to find someone live would like to study Arabic and want learn our interior design and i has already met with more than 50 English language exchange partners over the past 3 years. im very professional and very courteous. and I wish to find someone here inThis wepsite would like to study with me and have language exchange German Arabic or English Arabic. (What dos mean language exchange: that mean we have to meet and study for 2 hours one hour Arabic and one hour German or English and in this time we talk and we teach each other the right way and how to speak perfect in the language and after 4 or 5 month you learn and speak well my language and i have the same thing too ) I hope if you are intrested feel free to contact me and your welcome in anytime.
Hazem gamal






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