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What is the best gift you have ever received?

it might look strange but it's difficult for me to talk about the best gift i received two years ago from a kind hearted old woman,i made a terrible mistake at that time that i prefer not to explain it but that kind person forgive me.

i asked for forgiveness and she forgave me 

she was so understanding and she was a wise person,i wish i'd never done what i did and i just can not forgive myself,i'm full of remorse and i feel very sorry for what i had done

her forgiveness is the best gift i have ever received



The best gift that I have received is the gift of life. I am so blessed that I thank my creator for this gift.

I was given health and patient to reach successfully to my goals step by step and not late.

and finaly i couldn't apprehend your story?

how "forgiving a person" can be best gift ever !

anyway ... My best present that i have recived was a phone call from my best friend ..

why do you say that?

you don't know anything about my mistake and stories around it,so you can't judge .

take care 

you can't say her forgiveness as ur gift. Bcz forgiveness is much ahead then everything. Gift is kind of word which always represent dealing. And her forgiveness can't measure in that. Anywyz, its just a view dont mind... :D :D

The best ever gift I recieved Is my MotorBike which my dad present me on my 17th birthday. And I love his present and always light up in my memory list forever.:) :D


i agree with you up to a point

smile of my mother is best gift for me which i receive daily


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