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Hi everyone

Hi everyone , My name is Dina I'm egyptian

If you want any help with Arabic I can always help :)




Assalamu aleikom ya Dina!

I'm searching for a friend that can help me with egyptian arabic.I'll be very happy if you can send me any contact from you,as we can talk.Shukran!

sa3idni min fadlik

Hello ! 

I will learn easy arabic for my travelling.

Write me please !

i had the nice experience in my life i was very religious boy i memorized 5 part of Quran i was leader of people in praying in mosque but when i entered in university in mechanical engineering every thing changed my believe to GOD slowly collapse i didnt enjoyed worship GOD i forgot everything he gave me
one day happen accident to me i understand he dont forget me i found first golden rules in life
(if you be with ALLAH he always are in your side)
now i m happy
i think when ALLAH are with you there are no reason for sad and angry
in next time a talk about the accident change my believe
have a great life

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