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Is this translated correctly? (2)

The original:

А. П. Платонов - Неизвестный цветок

А  однажды упало из ветра одно семечко,  и  приютилось оно в ямке меж
камнем и  глиной.  Долго томилось это семечко,  а  потом напиталось росой,
распалось,  выпустило из себя тонкие волоски корешка, впилось ими в камень и в глину и стало расти.

A translation:

A. P. Platonov - The unknown flower

Once upon a time one seed was thrown out from the wind, and it took shelter in the hole between a stone and a clay. For a long time it was pining for a drink, but after that it filled of dew. At last, it fell to pieces, set thin hair of the rootlet free, stuck of them into a stone and a clay and was growing up.




Your translation is not exactly incorrect, it's just awkward English. This may sound better:

Once the wind dropped one seed and it found a shelter in a hole between a stone and clay. For a long time it was pining for a drink and then filled up with dew, fell to pieces, put out thin little roots, thrust them into the stone and clay and started to grow.

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