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Azoul felawen. Salam . I am hoping there are English/Tamazight speakers who can help. There isn't much resources in the net except via French. Please come forward and assist. Thank you so much. Hoping for a positive response. 



salam alikoum, rani hna natkalmo dzyri, mais ana manatkalmeche amazigiya

alors ckhoun ya9derch yetkallemny amzigiya? =(

tant pis pour moi , non? =(

alors ckhoun ya9derch yetkallem w ya3lemny amzigiya? =(

tant pis pour moi , non? =(

yo te puedo ayudar un poco

nech sawarag tamazight

azoul ajdik ifolkin 

the  tamazight  is  exactelly  like  the  english  don t  be worry

it can be  werrited  like  the  deutsh  and  as  easy  than  the  english

i xill  lern you  that


yethaanayed  chem  achem  ettakbayllith  a  hellith

azul awltma..i'm amy..and i can help you if you native language is Tamazight :))

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