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Greetings in Uzbek now!!!Salom!!!learn now!!!

 Uzbek                                      transcription                                           English
salom!                                          ( saalom)                                                    Hi!
Hayrli tong!                                 ( Haaerly tong)                                            Good morning!
Hayrli kech!                                 (haaerli kech)                                              Good evening!
Ahvollar yaxshimi?                     (aahvollaar yaakhshimi?)                         How are you?



i can speak uzbeqche , how can i say it in uzbek

I can help u
just  read it as written
if you have any questions ask me plz
I try to help you

hello!  I can understand basic meaning of uzbeqche ,but i cann't write it .Could you help me? 
another question ,if there is a formal way  in letters when we comunicate on the internet,or we just write it as its pronuciation.  

Ozbekce = 50% Turkce + 50% Arapca.  Is that it?

Hayirli tong = Hayirli gun veya gunaydin ya da iyi gunler
 Hayirli keche= Hayirli aksam veya iyi geceler
Ahvoller yahxi mi? = Nasil siniz?

Yahxi = iyi ya da guzel
Til = Dil

I just added those to show how we say it in Turkey.

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