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why we celebrate the Mid-autum Festival?

Today i was asked by a foreign friends, why chinese people celebrate the moon festival, and how we celebrate this special day, let me tell you!
The traditional way is like this: all family members get together, no matter where they are, because the original meaning of why people celebrate this festival is the moon in this day is extra big, round and bright, round in chinese means: tuanyuan(people get together), it recalls lots of beautiful memories in the past, especially for people far from their hometown or family. So the ancient chinese invented the mooncake, this kind of cake that are round and sweet, yummy. So even if people cant get together with family, they can share the mooncakes with some friends under the moon, and maybe make some peots(haha, only for ancient chinese, we have lose this ability yet :( .
Now, a lot of customs have been changed hugely, people still want to be together with family, but the price of mooncake is also rapidly increasing, that leads to another interesting phenomony: people buy well-packed mooncakes as gifts to chef or to their relatives, the price is really really high(e.g, a normal well-packed box of mooncake cost 200~2000RMB), people no longer share their happiness or enjoy the moonlight this night, instead of dealing with tons of mooncakes(for thoese who r rich), but as normal people, they also buy some cheap ones and enjoy it. like me, haha.

Another reason why it's changed is there is a 1-day workoff, so plus the saturday it's a short holiday now, so people are more prefer to travel outside~



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