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I want to learn Turkish


I can teach English and German. I might be moving to Turkey in 2013 and want to learn the language. Can anyone help me? I would prefer a female teacher.




I would be happy to help you.


I don't want to learn curses and bad words. I don't use them in English, I don't even want to know they exist in other languages.

Hallo :)Ich bin Türkin und wohne in der Türkei.Wenn du willst,kann ich dir bei Türkisch helfen :)


If you have any diffuculty, you can ask me anytime :)

i may help you about lerning turkish, turkish is my native language and also my sector is turkish literture, but also i need parcticcing english, about speaking, thanks.

Hello, I'm from Turkey if you want to Turkish teach I can help you 

Hi how are you

ben Türkçe öğretebilirim

I can help you. I think it's very good for you and i because ı studying English-turkish translation :)  and you can help me but if you want :))

sana yardımcı olabılırım :)

ok i can add me on skype: schaizer33

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