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Traveling in Canada

I will go to Canada next month and make plans for a month. So where do they recommend to any places which you go to visit. In addition, I want to Quebec from Toronto, please tell me how to go there at the cheapest fare.




Going to Montreal,QC from Toronto,ON there are several ways. Cheapest by Bus then CNRail(train) then plane. I prefer train.

Bus takes 6hrs~(megabus),8-9hrs(greyhound) both about 65$

Train takes 4.5hr-6hr depends which train you take. 125$ but can discounts if purchased early.

Plane takes 1hr15min. Costs 275-400$ 3 airlines fly there and can use the downtown airport (billy bishop) instead of pearson airport which is far outside of Toronto.

I've lived in Toronto before 2years ago, it's a nice city though I spent most of my life in vancouver. I just moved to japan though for work. Here is a link for more info

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