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Lesson 1 - Greetings

Namastey! = Hi!/Hello = नमस्ते Suprabhaat = Good Morning! = सुप्रभात Shubh sundhyaa.= Good Evening! = शुभ संध्या Shubh raatri = Good Night! = शुभ रात्री। Aap kaisey hain? = How are you? = आप कैसे हैं ? Mein theek hoon, shukriya! = I'm fine, thanks! = मैं ठीक हुँ । Aur aap? = And you? = और आप? Accha/ Theek-thaak = Good/So-So = अच्छा/ ठीक-ठाक Aapka swaagat hai! = Welcome! (to greet someone) = आपका स्वागत हैं। Shukriyaa (Bahut dhanyavaad) = Thank You (Very Much)! = शुक्रीया (बहुत धन्यवाद) Arrey, Dost! = HEY! Friend! = अरे, दोस्त Mujhey aapkee bahut yaad aaee. = I Missed You So Much! = मुझे आपकी बहुत याद आयी। Kyaa chal rahaa hai? = What's New? = क्या चल रहा हैं? Zyaada kuch nahi = Nothing Much = ज्यादा कुछ नहीं । Phir milen-gay. = See You Later! = फिर मिलेंगे। Alvida! = Good Bye! = अलविदा।



Thanks aisha for this post. I'm new to italki an to this group, so i wonder if there is some audio lesson to hear how to pronounce the words you teach us here.

Thank you Aisha, this lesson is really nice, especialy with dev nagari letters. It helps me a lot !!

Looking forward to Lesson 2 !

thanks a lot.ı think it is very beautiful language and ı want to learn:)
Very good yaar...........................its truly through knowledge in HINDI...................!

its nice

I'LL TRY TO DO THE AUDIO FOR THE WORDS and LESSON 2 as soon as I can finish my own school work. I hope u guys understand. For now, try to listen to Hindi songs and watching movies also helps a lot.
 yes, i agree with aisha! listening hindi songs and movies really helps u to understand the language! then when u see it written u can get at least the main idea!!!

and thanx for the lesson!

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