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what's your religion ? Are you convinced? Or just inherit?

i need some answers :)



my religion is where i believe only in one god i was inherit but now i am convinced

My mother is Christian; however, I am an agnostic.  I don't really believe in a god but I could be wrong.  

So it's not really a religion, it's not that I'm convinced there is not a god, so much as that I choose to do the right things when ever possible and if I there is a god, surely if I am a good person I will go to "heaven".  The opposite of that is if god is a hateful god as some people believe, that wants his followers to harm others, well then I could care less for that interpretation of "god".

I care more about being a good person, than being judged as a good person.=]  Hope that helps and I mean no offense to any other religions. 

I am not religious, I follow a philosophy but I do not take an interest in any organized religion. 

I'm Christian.

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