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How do I add a new language?

Hello dear teachers,

I am a Spanish Italki teacher and I´d like to also teach English. How should I proceed in order to add this new language (englis)?... I´ve sent more than one email to customer service and to teacher´s help service and haven´t gotten any reply so far. I've also tried the language teachers button and "the apply for a teacher" button, but no luck either.  Could someone help me with this, please? Thank you. Best regards, Grace :)






Hi, you want to edit your profile.  Once in your profile you can edit the courses and add a course.  Call me on Skype if you have trouble:  brian.madden4

Hi Brian, thank you. I appreciate your politeness :) ... I actually did try to edit and add a course, but it didn´t work as that button seemed to be "blocked" on my profile. Finally, Italki's customer team helped me out with it :)  Thanks again.Regards, Grace.

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