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1.一口吃掉牛尾巴    答案:告

2.一只狗四个口        答案:器

3.七十二小时            答案:晶

4.人不在其位           答案:立

5.太阳西边下,月亮东边挂             答案:明

6.手无寸铁             答案:控

7.斩草不除根         答案:早

8.不要讲话             答案:吻




I am not good in chinese, but can you explain in english for all people " like me " ^_^ 

hi,i'm so sorry because this is just for Chinese.if i use english,then it will be nonsense.It's a traditional game~


This is a common Chinese puzzle type.  Number #3 is easiest.  Look at the clue, when translated reads "72 hours".  Okay, three days is the same as 72 hours.  Take a look at the solution:  the word is formed by three days (日【rì】).  Got it now?

Now take a look at the first one.  Translated "a mouth eats the cow's tail".  Remove the word 尾, then remove the bottom of half of the word 牛, (the stem) and now add a 口 and you have the word 告.

These type of puzzles are often used to entertain large groups of Chinese people.



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