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Norsk - Spansk

As we have members from different nationalities in this group, I thought we could start sharing with each other, how to say some basic norwegian expressions in our own native languages. So, just 3 basic ones, to start:

Norsk      Spanish

Hallo---> Hola

Takk ---> Gracias   (mange takk: muchas gracias)

Ingen årsak ---> por nada/ de nada

Want to continue? ...



I want to continue :)

Norsk --> German

Hallo --> Hallo (very simple)

Takk --> Danke (mange takk --> Vielen Dank)

Jeg heter... --> Ich heiße...


Is there anybody learning german?

Hallo Kai, hvordan har du det? How do you say: "Good morning", "good afternoon", "good evening", "please" and "Nice to meet" you in german? .... I´m not learning german right now, but I would like to. I read somewhere that if I can learn norwegian, it will be easy to learn german because they both (as well as swedish, danish) are from the same family of scandinavian languages. Is this true?


Hello Grace, takk, bare bra!

Yes, Norwegian is sometimes a bit similar to German, the grammar is not that different, but I guess, it's harder to learn German, because it's a very  complicate language (a bit too complicate, I think).


God morgen --> Guten Morgen

God ettermiddag --> you can say "Guten Tag", because there isn't really a phrase for "good afternoon", so you could use "Guten Nachmittag", which is the right translation, but nobody really uses it.


God kveld --> Guten Abend

Vær so snill --> Bitte (you can also use "Bitte" or "Gern geschehen" for "vær so god", there's not really a difference in German)

Hyggelig å treffe deg --> Nett, dich zu treffen


How long are you already learning Norwegian?

Hallo Kai, I 've been learning norwegian around 2 months and a half ago. I try to learn some words every day or every other day, I use online dictionaries and links, and to practice, by now, I write small texts, all in norwegian. I am learning on my own, by now I´m using a basic book "Teach Yourself norwegian", it´s good :) I´ve been also speaking few times with native norwegians (online), but not on a regular basis. I'm still looking for a stable and organized exchange... How about you? How long have you been learning norwegian? What method have you been using? Do you have the chance to talk to native norwegian speakers?... Snakkes :)


Hello Grace,

I think we are learning Norwegian for the same time, I also started in summer ;) I have never spoken with native norwegians, but I'm sure I will talk to many people when I'm in Norway in January :)

I am using online links and dictionarys and I teach myself using a book called "learn and practise Norwegian" (PONS), I like it. At the moment I notice that its really difficult to form sentences in Norwegian which I really want to tell other people and I'm sure, it's a long way until I can speak Norwegian fluently, but I want to make it!

Where have you been talking with native norwegians? I think, there are less norwegians at "italki", but maybe there are more and I didn't recognize them ;)

Vi snakkes :)


Hallo Kai,

Ja, when you get to Norway, you´ll benefit a lot from that experience as the interaction with native norwegian speakers, on a daily basis, will make you learn faster :) Lucky you! :) .... I´ve been talking to native norwegians that I met at Italki, members of this group; through exchange (spanish - norwegian) online and using skype, I was helping them out with Spanish and they were helping me out with my norwegian; but not on a regular basis.

Vi snakkes  Smile

Hei Grace,

yes, that's great, I'm looking for someone who can speak norwegian and is learning german, so I can help with german - but there are not so many people learning german, I'm afraid. Maybe there are too less norwegians at italki ;)

Members of this group? Where are they the whole day long? ;) I believe we are the only ones in here who are learning norwegian at the moment...

By the way, do you know what's "I'm fine" in norwegian? I mean, not as the answer to "Hvordat har du det" - without any question before, just "I'm fine". Maybe you know better ;)

har en koslig kveld, Grace! vennlig hilsen :)


Perhaps in that link I sent you, you can find someone interested in learning german and teach you Norwegian. Or even here, you may post an add saying something like: "Are u interested in a german- norwegian exchange? I can teach you german and I´d like to get help with my norwegian". I have tried this, but unfortunately my exchanges weren´t steady as people who have been exchanging with me haven´t been constant :( but I don´t get discouraged becoz in the meantime, I keep learning by myself. I hope you have better luck than I do with regards to finding a good and stable, constant exchange! :)

Yes, you are right, this group isn´t very active and there are other norwegian groups which aren´t active either :( 

Regarding your question, to say "I am fine", as far as I know, you can say:

Jeg har det bra or Jeg har det fint.

Snakkes Kai

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