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Welcome everyone. What is your favourite Thai food ?

I like Thai Fish Cake (ทอดมันปลากราย) very much .



I like (1)Banana in glutinuous rice wrapped with Banana leave and (2) pumpkin boiled with coconut milk. What do you call them in Thai? we call (1) kao thom mad (2) I fogot this one.

som tam pet pet w/ kao neow arroi arroi mak mak

Yeah !! som tam pet pet  + kao niao
aroooiiiiii mak maaaakkk   (^___^)

by the way,
1. banana in glutinous rice wrapped with banana leave  = Khao thom mad  ข้าวต้มมัด (^O^)

2. pumpkin boile with coconut  ..........uumm...i'm not sure  but  i think .......this might be a sweet
    i call it Buad fak thong บวชฟักทอง ( Fak thong = pumpkin)  .........or it might be called Fak thong buad
or it might be called   แกงบวชฟักทอง (kaeng buad fak thong)  ka ^^

Yeah, your Somtam pet pet made my mouth full of saliva :-)

Also, Kai Yang (Roasted Chicken) with its dipping sauce Thai style (น้ำจิ้มแจ่ว) yum yum.

Do you have any place to recommend for the tasty Som tam?

Hey,  how about eating insects in Thailand.  I plan to visit Thailand Oct 2009 and I want to try grasschoppers, aroi mak reo?
Please name some of the fried insects that sold by the street hawker. Thanks makmak.
Here is the Link to BBC UK news.

Khaw thoht, please try this LINK.

oh..ho! still cannot link! sorry my typing error, please try again here

Oh dear still cannot Link the address is too long? Please copy the url address in green texts above and paste to your browser and its should direct you to the site. Cheers

Yes,the deep fried insects are wellknown for a weird menu but not only in Thailand I know that China also like eating the same things.. fried insects become international dish !

There are many types of insects put on the fry such as grasshopper, bamboo worm, scorpian but of course some methods are applied to remove poisons out. From your BBC I just knew that even  cockroach and beatle are also not exceptions.

To be honest, I never try it myself , just feel that they are not for eating and can't set up my mind to take them into my mouth. Good luck to you.

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