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Hello all, I have just begun learning russian, it's a very beautiful language. But I have trouble finding good websites. Could you tell me some simple russian verbs (to be, to want, to to have, to be named, ...)? Thanks a lot =)
Greetings =)


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  • Posted by - Aug 07, 2008


to be - быть;
to want - хотеть, желать;
to have - иметь;
to be named - называться.
If you need more help just ask me.
And thanks for a beautiful language. :) you can use this site for both eng-rus and rus-eng translations) 

Hey, thanks to the two of you for your answers.
Wet, can you explain the 'ь' at the end of those verbs? I still haven't understood how that works. Like 'быть', would you write it in english as 'bitj'?

I don't like just "HELLO"  topics, please edit topic  and next time create correct name.

Russian language have a special form of verbs. «Начальная форма». Инфинитив. (Infinitive). In this form you can see all verbs in a dictionary. For example: ехать (to drive), бежать (to run) etc. In this form many of words ends on «Ь».
Name of this letter is «мягкий знак». It's hard to explain. It have an influence on pronunciation. You can fell the difference in this words. «Valley» and «Ball». In word «valley» L is soft, and in word «ball» L is more harder. Мягкий знак give an effect, that you can hear in «valley». We use this letter not only in verbs.

I have forgotten.
I can't explain you how sounds word «быть» because there is no voice for our letter «Ы» in english. Just for start, you can use «i». Maybe, «bjit». And «T» on the end is soft.

Привет wet =), Как дела?

I think I understand what you mean, it actually isn't of very big importance no?
For the «Ы» sound, I found a website with all the transliterations to english for the sounds. And for that sound, the website is telling me to say it like the «i» in «bit». Is this only an approximation?

Спасибо, До свидания =)

Hi, i'm fine. Not at all, but this isn't matter.
Yupp, it's an approximation. You need to hear how russians telling it.  Maybe, i can find you a record. Pronunciation and context in russian is very important, you can't ignore it. 

I know, there is many mistakes. Please show me where they are. I just start to learn english.
And can you tell me how media show conflict in South-Ossetia. I read many news and see anti-russian propaganda.

Unfortunately, I don't know any russians =). But I'm looking for websites online where I can hear the pronunciation. I realise pronunciation is important, like for every language =).
You have just started learning? Because your english is pretty good already. Do you want some help with it?

About the conflict, honestly I don't know it very wel. But with what I have seen at the news, russia is represented as the evil invader trying to opress his small neighbour (georgia). And the russian separatist living in georgia are represented badly too. And the georgians, ... well they are seen as victims.

My english isn't good. :( I need so much time to formulate my  thoughts. You help me already now — I train to speak.
About  coverage of war — you verify my expectations. I only must relate, that georgean army starts air and artillery strikes on capital of South Ossetia. They kill not only Ossetians (most part are citizens of Russia) but also russian peacekeepers, that have been sended in this region by UN. 
But news on russian state channels make me seek too.

Let's revert to the education.  If you looking for rusian podcasts I can help you. — Here you can find many russian podcasts.

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