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hi, I speak english and french and want to learn some dutch.  If anyone would like to chat that would be much appreciated! For the most part in english... hopefully. I do not know any dutch really...




I speak dutch and a bit of English (I'm learning it). Do you really don't know any dutch?

Why you wane learn it actually? We are such a small country :P of course we have a few awsome places and a bit of history :D 

Well anyway here are a few first words :)

Hi = hallo

how are you? = Hoe gaat het met jou?

Bye = daag or doei 

Well, my family is originally from Holland, and I would like to visit someday, and be able to talk to some of them! :P I would also just like to learn the language of my ancestors. :)

Hi !
Dutch is not very difficult. If you want I can help you. Try to write. It doesn't matter what you write because you learn from mistakes.
If you don't like learning words, you can also watch Dutch television, for example online by : Or if you have more time I can chat and learn you Dutch. 

I will honestly say, my english isn't very good. So if I write something is wrong: sorry.

If you like it I can learn you Dutch words and very thing about Holland.

Sara ( from The Netherlands)     

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