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Learning Malay.

The Malay language is not a tough language to learn. Before you start learning, I think you should consider your purpose of studying this language. In my opinion as a native Malay speaker, there are two forms of the Malay language that we use, the formal / book form, and the informal / colloquial form. Of course most textbooks will not tell you this, and expect you to learn the formal form. If you are learning Malay for research purposes, to understand Malay literature, or for official bussiness purposes, then you should learn the textbook / formal form. But if you're learning Malay to visit or stay in Malaysia, or to interact with Malaysian people, then I reckon you should learn the informal / colloquial form. There are some subtle differences between these two forms and it is important to understand the differences. If you're serious about learning the Malay language, I am sure that all of the Malaysians on this site are more than welcome to help you out. All the best! 



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