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Hi! I'm from Russia. I'm learning English now. And I want to practice it. But I'm afraid to talk, I think it's problem for many learner of English. Can you help me to begin to talk?  

My skype number is  s_o_u_l_ksu 



Ok,I'm glad to help you to practice that,My skype number is sunleonwe ,look forward to hearing from you, , ,

i can help you.. i think you should have more self confident and u will be oke  my skype is bekoman4..

Ksenia , i can help you in English language , if you want , we can speak in skype .

Dont worry about what others would think of you.... Just go ahead and speak :)


ok no problem i am learning english too but i now english now well

Well, I'm learning Russian, so maybe we could help each other out?

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