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Do you listen russian music? How do you find it? What singers do you prefer?



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I just now started listeng to Russian music. The first band I think ive actually started to like is ДДТ . I have post up  where I tried to find Russian music to listen to.

I often see russian chrismas' party?or new year's party in TV.  In my impression,all russian's people are good at singing. The voice you have is wonderful.

I guess it may due to your contry in a cold temperature most of the time,and the place where you live is in a high altitude, so a large number of you have a great lung capacity,that's why you can easily control the treble,right? hahaha  In china, some place have the similar environment with yours, such as Tibet, where is accepted that the local people are good at singing ....…… ^ ^

The only one russian's singer I know is VITAS. his opera two is amazing~~~ 

Смотря ведь какую музыку слушаешь. Если это рок, то русский рок - группа Ария, или вот рэп - ГРОТ, Саграда. Чего по-русски никто не отвечает в комментах? :)

Да, очень странно, что так мало комментариев русских :)

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