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Need advice for learning Indonesian

Hello Freinds!

I wanna start learning Indonesian...

Need the best and easiest way!Any advices?

Anybody wanna help me?




i can help you, you can contact me on skype, my ID is tuti.hastuti1

I can help yo, Dude
Nice to know person like you, who interested to learn Indonesian :)

learn from the native speaker, that's the best way so far. i'd like to help u if u want to.. :)

i think you should start to remember many words in indonesian. or in the easiest way, learn it with conversation practice everyday :)

I give free basic lesson of Bahasa Indonesia every week! Contact me if you are interested :)

Hi, Masoud!
There are several ways to improve your skill in learning Indonesian, such as speak with native speakers; try to write any sentences in Indonesian; and read Indonesian books, articles, etc.

If you have any question, just ask me and i'll help you ^^

You can start by posting a text in Indonesian and let me know. I'll try to help you with the correction or suggestions.

Actually, learning Indonesian is very easy. . .
Much easier than learning another language. .
I can help you,brother. . .
Terimakasih (Thank you). . .

if you don't mind,,

i will help u...

me too! I really want to learn Indonesian.

I can teach Korean If you want to learn..

please add me too on skype - hjshin0110

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