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Practice korean on kakao!

친구 하자 :) 

Msg me your kakaotalk id! ;p



카톡친구 해도 될까요? 그렇다면 메시지로 아이디를 보내줄게요.

kakao id:dameiling

Kakao ID LST2703   Laughing

jennyhan2011 add me plz :)

id: Marcellius

my id victoryQ8 and i wont to learn Korean & Japanese ^^

so add me if you wont ^^

id: acs417

can I join too? My id is heartpastelpink


thanks! :)

I want to learn korean so much...

please add me : my id : medianaophin :)  

Hey:))wanna learn korean:) kakao Id kazelace :))

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