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Filipino(Tagalog) Pronouns

This discussion is all about Filipino(Tagalog) pronouns. Study them because they are very important in Filipino(Tagalog) grammar.

Personal Pronouns:

First Person Singular = Ako ( I )

First Person Plural = Kami ( we, exclusive ), Tayo ( we, inclusive)

Second Person Singular = Ikaw / Ka ( you)

Second Person Plural = Kayo ( you all )

Third Person Singular = Siya ( he / she )

Third Person Plural = Sila ( they )

I will write simple sentences using "ay sentence" the inverted structure.

Ako ay isang mekaniko. = I am a mechanic.

Kami ay mga lalaki. = We are men ( exclusive )

Tayo ay mga doktor. = We are doctors. ( inclusive)

Ikaw ay isang guro. = You are a teacher.

Saan ka pupunta? = Where are you going?

Kumusta po kayo? = How are you? ( you all )

Siya ay mataba at pandak. = She is fat and short.

Sila ay pupunta sa Maynila bukas. = They are going to Manila tomorrow.

I hope this simple lesson will be helpful to all of you who are learning Filipino(Tagalog).




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