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Do we need friends in our life and why?

Try to answer this question.



friends are the people you feel safe around because you know they are care about you.they call just to see how are you doing,because a friend doesn't nned an excuse to get in touch .they tell you the truth when they first meet you,and you do the know that if you havea problem ,they are there to listen.
yes, of course we need friends in our lives.. Friends are those who are always there to help you, cry with you, laugh with you, anything. They're always supporting you when there's no one there for you.
Most of all.. I think we can't live without friends. What's the point? What about the secrets and things like that? They're nothing if there aren't any friends.
I also think that there's no need to have physical contact with someone to be friends. I think that those that met people by internet, telephone. anything, are the most incredible friends. because they don't need to see you to help you with problems.
Of course, you do have to know well each other to be friends..
I'm a really friendly person, and I love sharing with people. Especially with friends.

Yes we need friends, but i means friends "for life". You know your friend a lot and know what you can expect to him. We have usually a lot of friends, from school, work, internet, but the most important is to have the few (3-5) who can jump follow you throw the fire!!!
Who is the "we" of the question ? All the human people ? By answering "yes" or "no", such a generalization wouldn't be too easy ? Can the complexity of human being bear any unique "truth" ? If it's not all the human people, "most of human people" would be better (or not, tell me). There's no "no" yet in this topic, so let's try : I think we need friends above all because we're used to it, because we are born, grow, live and die in the dense network of current human societies and cannot imagine anything else. But who will dare to say that it's the unique way ? To eat is a need.
Life without friends I'm breathless,helpless both body and soul.

 yes, all sizes of this world are not worth a ggod frien (Voltaire).

A true friend is a weet thing,  it needs looking at the bottom of your heart and it saves you the modesty to him to dscover. (Lafontaine).

Everyone needs to have friends, friendship has no boudaries, it all feels the need to liberate, to confide, to distract, to communicate with each other. The other is the friend  of every day, in difficult, joy, pain, that friend is confident, heat, a life, which we ever had not felt the need to have a friend. Friendship is based on the values and interests.

Friendship is like a flower, we must maintain.

Principile of friendship:

- The comfort that brings a being.
- A sense of security and confidence.
- The precision of a friendship

salam..i think that freinds has a great value in our life coz they particpate to accomplish our missions in this life nd they have an important place to help us in everything in our needs addition, we share with them our imotions nd feelings such sadness or happyness so even waht they r good or bad we cannot live without others ...thnx

"no man is an island" :)

living alone is sad and so we need friends who we can talk to or share our thoughts with, etc..

life becomes more and more complicated full with stress and monotony  i think a friend can be a good way of salvation from the psychological pressure of our life to share with him problems happy moments and intime subjects .  a friend can be as good as he can he can be a disaster
in fact either we need friends or no depend on our early education  , we can survive without friends but we survive bettter if we have faithful friends .
the notion of friendship changed a lot recently

yes, of course we need friends in our lives.. Friends are those who are always there to help you

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