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the World Economic Crisis?

What do you think about  the World Economic crisis?

(write in any language u know) :) 

I love u Flavia!!!! 



Что это за группа?Очередной фан клуб "Flavia"?Innocent

About the world Economic ?! It will be better if I can understand my country`s economic and its situation between other countries .After that maybe I can write or speak about world economicSmileEconomic consists of economic system .In my country it is one of studies about how and what .For example how can we produce these goods and services or what resources will help us for this productions.

Economic growth is most important here.And again Middle East FrownFrown I have no opinion about Economy of Arab world SmileI am not master to speak about it .But I can say about a country that has one of the largest economy in the Middle East .

Acountry that had a high potentiol of becoming one of the largest economist in the world.Acountry that is rich ,not only in Oil and Gas but also in Mineral deposts.

But unfortunately ,this country .... .FrownFrownImean this country has been able to subsidize infficient industry through large Oil revenues.

Some countries such as this country has important reserves of Iron,Manganese,Copper,Uranium,Lead ,etc.But ,what is the mean of economy in these countries?!!!!!!!!Frown

I never know and never understand the mean of economical politics in these countries.I just know about some of crying children and adults that are  even not able to speak or sleep because they are HUNGRY.These are not COMPLAINTS.These are just Facts.Just facts Frown

I understand your point of view! my question is not easy :)

Countries don’t put these dollars in a mattress. They invest them.

Some countries invest money badly!

I talk about my country.... Italy

we're in crisis, not big like Grecee, but still crisis.

layoffs, fewer jobs, decreased wages  and much worse not enough opportunities for us, the young people, the future of our country.

In this period, I think, the only thing important is have character and still dreaming.. cause our society is killing our dreams but I'm so strong than I eat the society and I destroy every want wanna tread on me!




ps: I love u Fla!

I am an engeneer.I know nothing about crisis.

lower income than before and not easy to get good doesn't frighten me.

Alfonso ,I have a little information about your country and I have been reading about its political issues.Then I am not able to say about it because I did not visit it.We have just read that political spectacle that come with Berlusconi maybe solve some of financial problems.I just hope every thing will be better.

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