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What do you think about Russia?

What do you think about Russia? Some peple thing that there are a lot of bears on the streets, and people are walking everyday in сap's with ear-flaps))) But it's not right)))))) So what do you think about Russian?))))



I think Russia is a big and beautiful country :) and there is a lot beautys(I heard it from my friend).

I have never gone to Russia until now.I think Russia is a very big country,and is always very cold.There will be thick snow in the winter.And Russian are tall.

O(∩_∩)O~When I think about Russia,what comes to my mind is the large wild space covered with forests.Winter in Russia is cold and long.But it is quite cozy just staying in the house.Oh,kremlin and red square are pretty exotic and tourist. Grils in Russia tend to be gorgeous and sexy,Guys like to drink booze.Vodka is as strong as Chinese spirit.Russian is not easy for foreigners to master.I heard the song.I heard that don't mess with Russians because they are tough~haha


i´ve never been in russia neither i know any people from there but wathing the news and movies i think it´s a such a cold place where normal people could be frozen in winter, and when the sun cames people goes to park almost naked to enjoy it and gets into the lakes and ponds, men are usually big and drink lot of votka, women are well dressed and slim, there are lot of mafia, my question is.. why almost always russian are mad on the movies?

Why do you think that russian are mad on the movies? )))) As for me it's a very quiet))) What film did you saw?

"why almost always russian are mad on the movies?" Oh, didn't you really know because of? Or was it a joke?

I liked your opinion )))) Both of it is true) But I think that is not aslo in Russia. Another cities have same problems ( I think that) =0)).

In my childhooddays when ever i hear about Russia,first thing which comes to my mind is snow.Some of the soviet magazines and calendar pages during 80s i remember now also,which showing culture and their civilisation.Their beautiful landscapes also gorgeous ladies and handsome men. now i m 24 and here in italki i got a large number of friends from allover the country during last 3 years.Interesting fact is that they got a lot of time zones.Everyone i met were kind and nice to me both men and ladies.So i got new knowledge that Russia is not all about snow ,even there are places reaching 35-40 degrees.Women are same as they are always beautiful,men whom i met were good.Beautiful places you can find in russia.Moscow,St,Petersburg,Kazan etc.A very Few russians wanna to live near sea,some are attracted to turkey,some complains about huge traffic jam in Moscow,some complain about trains,some say their city is not safe,some wanna to move to Europe.Some women complain about men,who are mostly drunk and much more divorces mostly,mom taking care of their children ,no help from father.I found 80% women to 20% men in usually prefer technical feild,women arts,commerce subjects(there are exceptions)there are people who believes in religion cristians,muslims and many more.languages other than russian also.wide range of people ranging in colour of hair,eyeballs, and other features also.not complete,but this i can say in my first thought. (not intended for any offence), but "RUSSIA IS VERY BEAUTIFUL,BOTH LADIES AND LANDSCAPES ALSO YOU CAN FIND GOOD MEN "


in fact i dont know a film in where they appear as good, in the series of spain they are always dangerous and use to be into mafias, the same in 007 movies, it is not a joke is is just what tv shows to me, anyway i dont believe it.

I first went to Russia in 1991 and there was a lot of poverty and hardship for the majority of people. Then this year, I went there again and I could see more improvements in terms of modern buildings and facilities, there were no queues, churches were open and used, the GUM store was full of designer labels that not many people could afford and there were a lot more tourists in places where they were not allowed to travel previously. More English was spoken. That said, there were still babushkas on street corners trying to sell a few apples and vegetables.

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