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How can I learn Russian ?

I know nothing about the written one.



Hi Ahmad,
If you want to learn Russian, maybe you need to have a guideline. I am trying to learn Russian too. And I recommend you have a look at this web site: Italki has good resources as well. What makes Italki different is its interactive tools and meeting opportunities with the native speakers. I know that all the Russians here are very kind and helpful. You may find and meet your teachers here. You can post your notebook entries to be evaluated. You can make new friends, and exchange your language. But, in my opinion, the most important step is to have a start as soon as possible.
Good luck!


 that's true talk.

Thank you, guys! I'll never forget your suggestion.

You are welcome :)

Hi !

I am Oleg. My wife and I are learning English. We can you help study Russian, and can you help our English ? (speak and write to skype). We study English with teacher every week. We started this three month ago. I have -skype- and we can speak  every day ! Russian is our language, we help you !

Ok ? 

My skype  name -   olserver

Best regards, Oleg.


Hello Ahmad!

Maybe you need to talk in Russian on Skype?

I teach Arabic and English languages, and you learn Russian, maybe we should talk on skype?

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