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사자성어 아세요? 우리는 같이 배울거예요^_^ let's learn it together

사자성어: 한자 네 자로 이루어진 말. it is aword consist of four letters which roots are chinese

오늘 사자성어중에서 하나 배울거예요 we will learn one of it today Smile


 부(아버지)father , 전 (전하다) transmit , 자(아들) son, 전(전하다)transmit

 의미는 아버지가 아들에게 대대로 전함. it means :transmission from father to son or it comes when son is like his father

유의어: 부전자승,부자상전 this words have the same meaning    

예문:ex)   부전자전이라더니 아들 녀석도 남편을 닮아 고집이 무척 세다

according to the say "부전자전" he is stubborn like his father  

                     i hope i helped y and it will be adaily lesson as i can thanX for joining my group



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