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italki bugs


I can only send messages to friends. I need and want to send a message to any italki member regardless of whether the recipient is a friend or not. Further, my comments, feedbacks, answers, everything... is limited to a rather small size of words I am allowed to use. This is again restricting me and counterproductive for the italki team. When I receive a friend request including a message, there is no way to respond with a message; I can only accept or deny the request. A year ago the italki team responded to me immediately, now I get no response when I send a message suggesting improvements or helping me make my coursebook available to students which is disappointing. I think I am among the most productive teachers here but I feel I have been ignored by the italki team since I inquired about advertising my book on italki and suggesting group lessons (that was more than a year ago). I am still waiting for a reply.



My book, "keys to words" which is a picture dictionary of the 60 small common words of English.  Guaranteed to improve any student's English.

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