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"작심삼일" a short-lived resolve

오늘 "작심삼일" 배울거예요 Today we will learn anew word which means a short-lived resolve

                                                   작심삼일 作心三日

作:작(짓다) build or make

心:심 (마음) heart,

三: 삼(석,셋) three,

日: 일(날) day

의미: 단단히 먹은 마음이 사흘을 가지 못한다는 뜻으로, 결심이 굳지 못함을 이르는 말. it means that you canot keep your decision more than three days

예문 ex): 그는 무슨 일이나 작심삼일이다 He can't keep his resolutions longer than a few days.

담배를 끊겠다는 그의 각오는 항상 작심삼일이다 his resolution to quit smoking is always short lived







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