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How to decide if an online Hebrew course is for you

How much do you want to speed?


With an online Hebrew course you will pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee depending on the language provider that you choose, prices can vary from $55 a month to $800 dollars a year but again I say, don't let this put you off, I used to pay $20 an hour for private lessons, I had 3 lessons a week and if you do the math you will see that $800 for a year is not so expensive and I stress the learning experience is much better than private lessons with a real flesh a blood teacher.


How do you want to learn?


With an online Hebrew course you will learn to speak Hebrew in a Virtual classroom, in your virtual classroom you will have your Hebrew instructor online plus the other students that are attending the class, there are generally between 6 – 8 students in a class at anyone time, the instructor dictates the pace and the subject matter of the lesson and you can converse and talk in real time with the instructor as well as the other students during the lesson. If you are adverse to learning with other people then most online courses have the option of 1-1 lessons but I think if you are learning Hebrew online it is better to learn with other students as you become more immersed in the learning process and this way is generally more fun (learning a new language should be fun). As well as the classroom aspect of your course you will also have other resources available such as Audio, Video and quizzes to help you better understand and retain the lesson subject matter. Online Hebrew course



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