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what do you think the best tall for girls

hello every one >>

some of my friend tell me Iam very tall so iwant make sure about it 

by ask all of you :> 

what do you think the best tall for girls ?



Hi. I think that the "tall for girls" don't very main in the life, girls should have and other quality,  but high girls is a very well  )))

It depends on your partner tall


tall for girl is great look sexy

every person is beautiful in her/his own way.

Surely being tall is very attractive for women - why else would they wear high heals?

Beauty and character are not mesured by metres.

There is no best tall for girls, there is you and your self-confidence.. 
By the way, have you heard that women should have a small secret and men should have the big)

If a girl is beautiful and tall, her beautifulness is biger. If she is ugly, her ugliness is bigger too. Laughing

Nice question :)

I´m 1,75 and I really think it is very nice. On the other hand, women must to have moral qualities too. People must be beautiful inside and outside.

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